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How Do We Do This? Together.

Surviving and thriving is challenging for a small local bookstore. We have to compete with big chains and online giants that have enormous budgets. They are always ready to crush us like a bug, without even noticing that we exist.

How do we do it? With lots of hard work, and by being better than the competition at meeting the needs of our unique community.
Andy Laties, Rebecca Migdal and Nere Kapiteni of Book & Puppet Co. 
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We know we have more to offer than the behemoths. 

• We offer great prices and a great value.
We don't have to support a huge bureaucracy of upper management and lawyers. It's just us. We can pass on those savings to our customers.

• We have a lifetime of knowledge about books.
And with nobody looking over our shoulder telling us what to think or say, we can be totally honest.

• We support aspiring authors and diverse voices.
We aren't driven by the lowest common denominator, or the flavor of the month. Yes, we carry bestsellers, but we also carry the little-known-but-awesome book by that local author.

• We have daily events, most of them free and open to the public.
Come and see! We have story hours, puppet shows, writers groups, authors and speakers, open mics, crafting classes, costume characters and holiday parties.

• Our community is our capital.
We have chosen to be part of the community in this wonderful, diverse, open-hearted, tolerant, hard-working, idealistic and optimistic city of Easton, Pennsylvania. Easton is a city with an extraordinary history, that represents everything that is inspiring about America. We aspire to live up to the promise of Easton, and to reciprocate the warmth and support we've received from all sides since opening here.

• We are here to serve you. 
Personal, courteous and thoughtful service is what we do best!

Our customers are special, and we specialize in giving you the kind of personal service you probably thought was a thing of the past.

• Free gift-wrapping.
You won't get that in big box stores or from warehouse-based online sales engines.

• Expertise
Need help special ordering that hard-to-find item? We are here, and we know how.

• Personalized Service
We can whip up a customized bookfair to raise money for your school, or a themed party to delight your children, and we are happy to do it.

We're Not an Algorithm. We're Humans.

We are writers, artists, entrepreneurs and teachers. We have put our hearts and souls on the line to do this thing. This bookstore and puppet show thing, that gives our lives meaning.

Every day we respond directly to our customers, face-to-face. We're accountable in real time, to you and to ourselves, to live up to our promises and to live by our convictions.

We treasure our interactions with you.

Join Us

Every day, you walk into our store with questions.

Do you have books for autistic children?
Will you contribute a gift card to our fundraiser for the homeless shelter?
Where's the nearest post office?
How much is that zombie in the window?

And sometimes you simply say to us, We're so glad you're here. 

We believe that there's an important place in the world for independent community bookstores. And we love doing what we do. Every time we see the laughing faces of the families who come to our shows, it makes our day. Every time a neighbor approaches us with an idea for having an event at our store, that will help bring the community together, we know we are doing our job. And every time we see a customer discover a wonderful book, hold it in their hands and start leafing through it, we know that it's all been worth it.

We hope you're with us.

Looking for a book? You can buy it on our website. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call, we'll be glad to assist you.

If you live in our area or are just visiting, come to our events and give us your custom.

In return, we'll do everything we can, with pleasure, to provide the very best service to you, our valued customer.

Thank you.

Andy Laties, Rebecca Migdal and Nere Kapiteni
Book and Puppet Co.