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Why Are We Here?

Book and Puppet Co. was established as part of a galaxy-wide chain devoted to the preservation of the culture of humor and play.

The chain of shops named Bukanpupitt (trans: laughing at the edge of the void) was founded in Kudlorp 4737 by a wealthy robot, Boingustopheles, as a means of documenting, celebrating, sharing and preserving the city of Mikmukdukporp’s ancient heritage of humor.

This was a labor of love for Boingustopheles. When the Thriklop virus swept across the galaxy in Kudlorp 4732, it erased the sense of humor from the minds of billions of individuals, and devastated tourism in Mikmukdukporp, once known as the comedy capital of the universe.  

Now, almost everywhere in the galaxy known locally as the Milky Way, only cyborgs and robots, immune to the virus, retain an appreciation of jokes, puns and irony. 

Sadly, as the disease progressed from planet to planet, Bukanpupitt locations closed one by one. Now the new Earth store, located at 466 Northampton Street, Easton, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Earth, in the Wogjit solar system of the third outer spiral arm of the galaxy, is the last remaining location in the franchise.

A message from Boingustopheles:

Throughout the galaxy, comedy fans mourn the destruction caused by the Thriklop virus.

Fortunately, the antics and cultural artifacts of inhabitants of your planet continue to amuse those still capable of appreciating the hilarious.

Please join us in celebrating all that is funny about the culture of Earthlings–but hurry, because soon it may be too late.  

Earthlings, strive to keep your sense of humor, no matter what. 

Remember: Giplap dotipung! (trans: laughter is the best medicine)


Boingustopheles, I.R.